Sinohome Alarm Clock Memo Board Creative with Highlighter – Wake Up and Remember (USB Hub, Blue)


Always forgetting things in the morning?

Then that’s all in the past thanks to the Scribble Alarm Clock from Mayhem UK… The Scribble Clock is the first cool alarm clock with a screen that allows you to write on it! Scribble reminder notes, ideas, things to do or anything you want onto the screen and then when the alarm goes off in the morning the screen will light up in a cool blue colour proudly reminding you of your notes. If that wasn’t enough, we’ve also made the Scribble alarm clock include an ultra cool dot display screen which displays the time, temperature, year and date, alarm and a birthday reminder date. The Scribble alarm clock also includes 4 alarm melodies and the Scribble pen.

It is a great assitent with rich functions for you, perfect gift between friends, family or lover. Small in size, featured with LED lights, can switch the time, date, temperature or display mode. The Batteries are not included!! Check It Out!!

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