Must-Have Funny Gag Gifts You Can Buy


Are you feeling down because you are stressed at work or school? Do you need a little bit of humor in your life? Or maybe you want to cheer someone up?

If you want to make your atmosphere more cheerful, you can visit the website Cool Stuff Street and check out their list of amazing funny stuff. More commonly known as CSS, this online store features various products that are quirky and creative.

From mugs, selfie toasters, fake poop soaps, and even golden toilet paper, you can definitely find something that will put a smile on your face. In addition, a lot of their products are affordable so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank just to get a laugh.

Check out this handy buying guide to discover the coolest funny stuff that you can buy at Cool Stuff Street.

1.) Stuff to make your mornings more delightful

Mornings can be a bummer, especially if it is a Monday, or if you need to be in the office on a holiday. To make your mood as bright as sunshine, CSS offers quirky items that will make your stressful mornings more bearable.

A product that will make your day more fun is the I Don’t Like Morning People Mug. You can use this angst-ridden cup for drinking tea, coffee, or even liquor! It’s the best gift idea for friends who are pessimistic, sarcastic, and hate morning people, just like you!

This funny product is made of high-quality ceramic, making it resistant to both hot and cold drinks. In fact, you can even put it on the microwave or dishwasher, but make sure to read the label first.

Printed on both sides is a sarcastic quote that will surely make you roll on the floor with laughter.

The cup has a large handle so it is comfortable to hold, even if your fingers are stubby.




2.) Stuff to read when You’re Feeling Down

Are you still feeling under the weather, even after watching all your favorite sitcoms? Maybe, you need some funny reading materials. The books sold at CSS are not really filled with memes and funny anecdotes that you find online.

However, they contain useful pieces of advice that will help you get out of depression and add a more positive vibe in your life.

Fuck Feelings BookAn example of this one is the F*ck Feelings book that was written by Michael and Sarah Bennett. Based on the title, you can tell that the book is full of swear words and snarky remarks about life.

At first, this may seem like a big hindrance on your reading, but as you get used to the cuss words, you will discover that it has a lot of funny lines and amazing pieces of advice on how to deal with your problems.

In this book, you will learn why you don’t get along with people and how to get over your self-destructive impulses. It will also teach you the right mindset to achieve your goals in life.


Dear Asshole BookAlso, there is the Dear Asshole Book. This reading material contains 101 tear-out letters that you can give to jerks, morons, and annoying strangers who have made your daily life unbearable. The letters are already perforated so you can easily give it to any offender.

It has all the snarky remarks you need for your irritating landlord, cheapskate, loudmouth backseat driver, needy coworker, and other annoying people in your life. Never leave your home without this funny book!





3.) Toilet Humor

If you love gross toilet jokes, then you will definitely love Cool Stuff Street’s collection of bathroom essentials.

One of which is the Fake Poop Soap Bars. Don’t worry, this soap is not really made from human waste. However, its brownish appearance (with fake corn bits) will definitely make your squeamish friends scream once you give it to them. It’s the ultimate gift prank and stocking stuffer that will provide hours of laughter.

However, even though the soap looks like real poop, it has a fragrant smell that will ironically brighten up your mornings. Plus, it is made from plant and vegetable oils, so even people with sensitive skin can use it. Dare your guests by making them wash their hands with this fake poop soap bar!


Toilet Golf Put Gag Gift

Another funny bathroom essential is the Potty Golfing Potty. If you are a serious golfer, you know how important it is to practice your swing.

With this golfing potty, you can master your short game, even while peeing or taking a dump! The set comes with a second hole, green carpet, flag, putter, and 2 golf balls. Every time you step out of the bathroom, your golf swinging skills will surely improve.

Check out the rest of our site today and discover all the funny knick-knacks that they are selling online!

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