10 Gifts That Will Make the Holidays Merrier (For Him & Her)


[amazon_link asins=’B06W58QKH6′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’greatforyou0d-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’35e39b8d-2a4c-11e8-ad06-d5fa91eae80d’]The holidays are just around the corner and you are surely already shopping for gifts for your friends and loved ones. It would be great if everyone that you are buying 2018 holiday gifts for has a wish list. It can be frustrating to go shopping when you absolutely do not have an idea of what to get. Here is a guide that can give you ideas and help you pick the perfect gift so your holiday shopping does not end up being such a tedious task.

Gifts for Him

Usually, men will not say what they want and that makes searching for a gift a little difficult. Sometimes, you end up just giving them generic gifts like handkerchiefs, ties, or socks. It does have to be that way when you have these items to choose from:

  1. Fitness Tracker: This is a device that looks like a watch but can track and record heart rate, blood pressure, and other health data. This is perfect for guys who love being fit. It is also especially useful for the scrumptious holiday feasting. There are plenty of brands but the most popular one is Fitbit and they recently released a new wristband called Fitbit Alta HR .


What to love: The wristband is packed with features like Pure Pulse Heart Rate, Auto Sleep Tracking, Reminders to Move, Clock, SmartTrack (Auto Exercise Recognition), Call, Text and Calendar Alerts, Cardio Fitness Level, Steps, Calories, and Distance. The battery lasts for up to 7 days and it comes in six beautiful colors: black/stainless steel, blue-gray/stainless steel, black/gunmetal and more. It has a slim design, unlike most bulky trackers. This makes it lighter but packed with all the essential features.

What to Know: It is not water-resistant and due to the small frame, the notifications on screen could be hard to read. The SmartTrack will not allow you to manually start a track.

  1. Swiss Army Knife: This is a handy pocket tool that’s perfect for the handyman this Christmas. Besides, the corkscrew will be great for opening wine bottles for the holiday dinners and celebrations that you will be having. Check out Victorinox’s Ranger Wood 55 Swiss Knife  if you are interested in buying one as a gift.

What to love: It has 10 functions/utility tools, large lock blade, elegant Nussbaumholz (walnut wood) handle, full-sized knife and saw blades.

What to know: The blade lock release is hard to find (it’s built into the emblem), the awl can be tough to pull out, and the saw blade does not have a lock.

  1. Cocktail Kit: If your man loves his cocktails and travels a lot, this is the perfect gift for him. He can have his cocktails on-the-go with the Carry On Cocktail Kit from W&P Design and PUNCH drinks.

What to love: Aside from it having seven cocktail flavors to choose from, this compact kit is convenient enough to be placed inside your carry-on bag (and it’s TSA approved). The kit comes in a nice package of box tin that includes the recipe card, a package mix of the flavor you chose, a small spoon and linen coaster. It also can be bought as a set.

What to know: It doesn’t include a glass and the necessary liquors.

  1. Lego Kit: Who says that Lego is just for children? There are kits that are intended for teens and adults. As an homage to the latest Star Wars movie that’s coming out this December, you might be interested in adding this BB-8 Lego Kit  to your 2017 holiday gift list.

What to love: It has 1,100 Lego pieces to put together, the details are as authentic as you can get, and the head is wheel-activated and can be rotated. It includes a display stand, a fact plaque, and a mini BB-8 figure.

What to know: The BB-8 model itself cannot be rolled.

  1. Phone Sanitizer: If you have a man in your life who takes cleanliness to the hilt, this is sure to be appreciated. The PhoneSoap 2.0 is a small appliance to sanitize and clean your phone for you.

What to love: It runs on UV-C light cleaning which is a safe way to sanitize electronics. No heat, liquid, or chemicals are involved. It can fit large phones, even the latest models such as the iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy Note 8. You can even charge your phone while cleaning it. It has a universal charging port and an acoustic audio amplifier that will enable you to hear your notifications.

What to know:  It has no on/off and cannot fit tablets.

Gifts for Her:

There are plenty of gifts that you can buy for your mother, sister, wife, or daughter but it does not always have to be limited to a fancy dress or a colorful scarf. Here are some items that should be on your 2018 holiday gifts list that she might just love to show off to everyone:

  1. Beauty Subscription Box: The Christmas holidays is also a time for ladies to shine and show off their beauty and a box of beauty products will be such a treat. There are beauty box subscription services these days that you can sign up for online that puts together your choice of beauty products and then ships them to your recipients directly. BirchBox, BeautyCon, Play!, and Allure are some of the more popular subscription boxes. One subscription box that provides items not only for beauty but also for fitness and fashion is the FabFitFun box 

What to love: As mentioned, not only does it send you beauty products but it also includes items for fitness, wellness, fashion, and even stuff for your home. It’s not your standard size of subscription box but a large one which makes it worth the price for a box. The products also come in full standard sizes rather than in sample sizes.

What to know:  It’s a seasonal box instead of a monthly one so you get your box only every 3 months.

Amazon Echo

  1. Smart Speaker: This is a great techie item for your 2018 holiday gifts list. If you are looking to buy your tech-savvy music loving lady something that she would enjoy, then Amazon Echo  is the perfect gift to give her this holiday season.

[amazon_link asins=’B06XCM9LJ4′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’greatforyou0d-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’10fc790b-2a4d-11e8-adf2-25a66d5a796f’]

What to love: Aside from its speaker function, it also runs on voice command and can answer your questions, make hands-free calls to your contacts, and read audiobooks. It also emits 360˚ omnidirectional audio. Its far-field voice recognition can hear you from across the room and it can control smart lights, fans, televisions, and anything else that runs on AI. It comes in two colors, black, or white.

What to know: It’s always in shuffle mode so you would not be able to play an entire album in one go. Unlike Siri, it cannot recognize and learn your contacts yet.

  1. Jewelry: Most women like jewelry and accessories. The options for you are also endless from the types of accessories like necklaces, bracelets, and rings to the styles and designs they come in. You can go formal and elegant with jewelry from brand stores like Tiffany’s or you can go for catalog jewelry like those at Alex and Ani. They have a wide range of beautiful pieces like their Love You to the Moon and Back This necklace is perfect for teens and even grown women.

What to love and know: This gorgeous piece of jewelry comes in three colors: sterling silver, 14kt gold plate, and 14kt rose gold plate. The necklace is composed of a 21” adjustable chain with a Wonder Woman logo pendant.

  1. Slippers: Cold winter nights mean having a cup of hot cocoa while in your pajamas and snuggling under the covers. A pair of warm and comfy fluffy slippers will complete this outfit. For quirky slippers, you might want to take a look at Smoko’s Unicorn Light Up Slippers . These slippers light up when you’re walking – what a cute way to make those late night fridge raids.

What to love: The slippers both light up in rainbow colors each time you take a step. It comes in one size to fit all (up to size 12 in women’s). The materials used are cozy cotton, polyester, and 6 color changing LED light bulb. The batteries should last 4-6 months.

What to know: Some slippers might have over-sensitive sensors and some lights might not work properly. The one-size-fits-all size might not work well for some people. And since you can only clean it with a piece of cloth soaked in warm water, the fabric of the slippers might turn yellowish over time.

  1. Coffee Maker: You could have family or friends who are coffee lovers and caffeine addicts. The KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker  would surely make them happy this Christmas.

KitchenAid KCM4212SX Cold Brew Coffee Maker, Brushed Stainless Steel

What to love: It is easy to use as you only have to fill the dispenser with coffee and cold water and then let it steep for a few minutes. There is no need to make that trip to your neighborhood café for your cold brews. The great thing about this coffee maker from KitchenAid is that it is a small device that can fit anywhere in the kitchen. It can also serve up to 12 cups. The steeper is stainless steel and reusable. It also has level indicators inside that will guide you when you brew.

What to know: You can only purchase it in one color which is stainless steel.






Don’t let the traffic, hectic schedules, and crowded malls stress you out this season. You do not have to settle for common gifts for everyone to avoid all the hassles. Choose from these 2018 holiday gifts and enjoy the holidays with your friends and family.

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